In 1997, Gaspard Yurkievich took part in the Hyères international fashion festival and won the prestigious first prize for women's fashion. Thereupon, he launched his brand and presented his first collection in a Parisian show in March 1998. Immediatly, the brand became distributed at high-end fashion stores, bothin France and worldwide.

GASPARD YURKIEVICH benefited right away from a very strong media coverage, mainly as a fallout of fashion showq (ELLE, VOGUE, L'OFFICIEL). The shows constitute an experimental field for the Brand to illustrate its vision of fashion : sexy, urban and contemporary. Combining artistic performance, live music and design elements, they are at the very heart communication strategy of the Maison.

In June 2003, GASPARD YURKIEVICH presented his first Men's collection and Guido Voss took on the responsability for all Men's lines, while jointly managing the design studio with Gaspard.

In March 2004, Gaspard, who has always considered shoes as an independent key activity, launched the GASPARD YURKIEVICH shoe collection, which met with immediate commercial success. Those collections drive their inspiration from the designs presented in the shows and are also built to cater every Woman who is client of the Brand. 

Since January 2011, the company boasts a new head office and permanent showroom at 85, rue d'Aboukir, in the heart of Paris. It has started the presentation od and will commercialise each season :

- One collection of Women's ready-to-wear

- One collection of Men's ready-to-wear, structured around a tailor-inspired offer and a shirt collection, addressing the needs of any contemporary man's wardrobe

- An extended shoe collection under the GASPARD YURKIEVICH Brand

In January 2011, a worldwide licensing agreement was signed with GERBE for five years. From the first seaso, it has provided GASPARD YURKIEVICH with a significant presence in most leading department stores, including at Galeries Lafayette, Printemps and Le Bon Marché in Paris.

GASPARD YURKIEVICH creates, for both Men and Women, a strong identity that subtly blends Accessibility and Luxury, Simplicity and Exception, Comfort and Fashion, Creativity and Maturity.

The GASPARD YURKIEVICH style consists in a subtle mix of references to the tradition of couture and a very contemporary design : sophisticated cuts with a feel of natural luxury, yet easy and fit for daily wear. A swanky interpretation of Parisian fashion, at the dawn of the 21st century...

To achieve this remarkable signature, the designers of the House, Gaspard Yurkievich and Guido Voss : 

- Masterfully sustain the timeless tradition of French couture

- Play with new codes, inspired from parallel creative worlds, from Pop music to contemporary Art or Cinema ; worlds with which the constantly collaborate

- Always keep a clear focus on accessible and easy-to-wear fashion

The Brand offers sophisticated ready-to-wear for Men and Women, as well as a full range of Women's shoes.

The GASPARD YURKIEVICH style unwinds a constant back-and-forth between an intellectual and a sensual approach, typical of French fashion. The Brand plays with contrasts and combines rigorous design with a sense of ornamental elegance.